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iTernity strives to provide you with the best solution for your data archiving needs and your feedback helps us become better. We would appreciate your evaluation of iTernity iCAS on Gartner Peer Insights: Help us to optimize our products & services and help your peers to find the appropriate archiving solution.

How to participate:

  • Access the iTernity iCAS survey on Gartner Peer Insights:
    Open Gartner Peer Insights to review iCAS
  • Submit your review for iTernity iCAS. This helps us to optimize our software and processes - and it helps other customers with their evaluation and decision
  • Check the Gartner Peer Insights forum for your review within two weeks. After a review by Gartner, your rating will be published anonymously
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  • Your name and company will remain private. The only identifying details displayed alongside your review will be role, industry and organization size
  • You must use your business email address to create an account on Gartner Peer Insights
  • Keep your review relevant and do not mention specific individuals. Think of what you wish you had read before you made your own purchase decision, and try to be as helpful as you can
  • All submissions are reviewed by Gartner to ensure validity and maintain the integrity of the forum. You are not permitted to review your own, your competitors’ or your affiliates’ products or services. Please review a product or service only if you have firsthand knowledge, and don’t impersonate anyone

"You can benefit from all the Object Storage advantages for archiving data. The use of a Software-Defined Archiving solution enables our company to flexibly store their valuable data while meeting all compliance requirements. A main advantage of iTernity Compliant Archive Software is that it can run on a virtual machine. Therefore, as a user can profit from all advantages of virtual servers without having to reduce security standards. The archiving process becomes flexible and scalable because the functionalities are no longer tied to the hardware level but to the software layer. "

Corporate Billing Specialist in the Healthcare Industry on Gartner Peer Insights

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