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The 5 biggest pitfalls when doing GDPR-compliant archiving

Since the GDPR came into force, IT and compliance managers have been facing the challenge of meeting the high demands on data management. The incidents of the recent years have shown that many pitfalls cause record penalties – sums which are easily avoidable.

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Why long-term archiving requirements depend on your industry

Nearly every enterprise has specific guidelines and requirements which differ depending on industry, country, and company size. There are other requirements within the healthcare sector than within the industry, public, or publishing sector. But all use cases have one thing in common: The integrity and availability of archived data should be guaranteed in the long term, and legal requirements, as well as compliance regulations, have to be fulfilled.

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Challenges of compliant data migrations at the storage level

Data archiving for the long-term often requires data migrations from an existing archive storage to a new system. Reasons include the replacement of proprietary archive silos, rapid technological advances of storage solutions and data consolidations (e.g. as a result of company mergers). These migration projects are often associated with various goals: reduction of time efforts and costs, minimization of disruptions in daily business operations, compliance and data integrity protection. A suitable storage platform for long-term archiving and appropriate migration processes can master these challenges.

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Do You Know the Most Important Drivers of Data Archiving?

Secure long-term archiving of important business data is key to compliance with internal and legal requirements and for minimization of business risks. The list of requirements for legally compliant archiving is constantly getting longer. Decisive driving forces include compliance with legal and internal rules, risk minimization and data security. In addition, organizations face economic requirements relating to costs, efficiency and service. It is clear that a future-proof approach to archiving is indispensable, as most types of data need to be retained for several decades.

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Automatic Protection of Data Integrity with Self-Healing

Data retention periods of ten, thirty or even more years apply to many types of business data. During their „long journey“, a reliable protection of the archived data is vital. The data amounts are steadily increasing along with the risk of data loss and the probability that data is not available in a correct and compliant manner. Consequently, data loss or data damages can cause enormous economic and legal challenges. So, how can organizations ensure data integrity over a long period of time?

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The Future is Software-Defined Archiving

Archiving is necessary for most organizations, often even business critical, both for legal reasons and diligent care of documentation. This is not going to change any time soon. However, what is evolving is the amount of data we need to archive and the regulations to fulfill. A new approach can help you solve these challenges.

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The Importance of Health Data Archiving

The healthcare sector is uniquely demanding. Organizations need to compliantly store incredibly high volumes of patient data, ensuring it remains accessible and secure. The amount of data collected is increasing exponentially and healthcare data archiving solutions need to reflect this.

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The Difference Between Archiving and Backup

One of the most common questions we hear is, “what is the difference between archiving and backup?” Understanding the difference is important as how you process and store your data has both compliance and cost ramifications...

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Future-Proof and Cost-Efficient Data Archiving

The digital revolution has empowered a great many industries and changed the way we work. It has exponentially increased data collection and the need for compliant, flexible data archiving. As the landscape continues to evolve, more and more companies are choosing to future-proof their data archiving with a modern, advanced solution.

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Defining and Solving the Challenges of SAP Archiving

When it comes to the area of SAP Archiving, companies face a host of challenges, from security to availability, and compliance to regulatory requirements. In addition, there is a clear demand for flexibility, scalability, and minimized costs. So how can SAP users ensure that the data stored behind their DMS/ECM is secure and compliant without losing focus on cost-efficiency and scalability?

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Ensuring Long-Term Data Integrity

It is crucial for enterprises to maintain the integrity of electronic data or records over its long lifecycle or retention period. Despite the importance to protect your data integrity, there is no general consensus about its definition. Let’s have a look at different definitions and how to handle the various challenges...

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10 Success Factors in Building GDPR-Compliant Data Storage

Are personal data in your organization stored in accordance with the GDPR principles? Many organizations which conduct activities in the European Union probably still cannot answer this question with a definite YES. If your organization is one of them, this article provides you with some technological advises on how you can build a strong foundation for “GDPR-compliant” data storage.

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Finding the Right Way for Compliant Archiving

Most compliance regulations require organizations to implement special solutions for long-term, immutable, and auditable storage of important business data. Though there are plenty of archiving, data storage or backup solutions on the market, many of them cannot satisfy the complex compliance mandates. To cope with these challenges, it is important to have a strategic and integrated approach as well as a distinctive solution...

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